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• 1/21/2016

Adding a new user rights!

Like in pvzcc, They added 3 new user rights called "Image Control" and "Forum Moderator". So today, Me & LD decided to make this thread so we could vote for what user right should be add on this wiki. So here are my ideas:

  • Cleaner - This right can:
    • Delete, Rename, Revert Pages
    • Remove, Close, Revert Threads
    • Delete, Rename Images
  • Blocker - This right can:
    • Block, Unblock Users

So here are the Choices (You can only vote once):

  • If you want to add Cleaner, Vote 1
  • If you want to add Blocker, Vote 2

Deadline - January 24, 2016

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• 1/20/2016
LawnDefender072003 wrote:
1 is better.

Choice 1

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