A Loud House is a world in PvZ 2 that is based around the 2016 show, The Loud House


Get your Earplugs and go on Diaper Duty in A Loud House! Use new plants to fight off those Loud, Wacky, and Stinky Zombies!

New Plants

Image Name Desc. Plant Food
Applesaurus Rex Scares zombies, making them slower Eats 5 Zombies on screen and scares all zombies
Umbrella Leaf Hides tools from zombies Bounces all zombies in a 4x4 area offscreen

New Zombies

Image Name Desc. When With Tool
Lincoln Zombie Regular Loud house zombie N/A
Conehead Lincoln Wears a Ace Savy magazine on his head, giving him more HP N/A
Buckethead Lincoln Wears a Video Game Consle on his head, giving him even more health When he gets his hands on the Video Game controller, he will take off his Game Consle, take out a TV, and play the game, defending him and zombies behind it
Pethead Lincoln Geo's Hamster ball makes this zombie have the highest defense When Geo is with him, Geo will take off his Hamsterball head, and play with it, although the zombie will have lower HP, GEo will stun plants that get in his way!
Lily Imp Is tossed pass most of your defenses, then crawls onward When she gets a Diaper, she will make a big stink! Stunning all plants around her!
Leni Zombie Moves around going to random lanes When she gets a Jacket, she will gain more HP.
Luan Zombie Tells bad puns, making zombies boo her and most of the plants shooting her When she gains Mr. Coconuts, she will stop and tell more bad puns, not only will she gain more HP, but the zombies will move in a hurry to get away from Luan and her bad puns
Lola Zombie A Imp that sometimes stops to check her out in the mirror, which defends her by giving her slightly more HP When she gets Makeup, she will explode into a puff of smoke, and then is shown riding a limo while waving, crushing plants ahead of her
Lana Zombie A Imp that sometimes leaves tools for her sisters to use When she meets up with her snake, it will give her poison superpowers! Being able to eat 3 plants at a time!
Lori Zombie Although she may have low Bite Power, she increases random zombies Bite Power instead! When she gets a phone, she will walk slower while texting Zombby, making her immune to all plants other then electric and strikethrough plants
Lound-Gantuar Crushes plants with Luna Zombie and throws Lisa Imp when weakened When he gets a guitar, Luna will snatch it and play a random jam from Neon Mixtape Tour, while 4 zombies that are effected from said jam form around her

Brain Busters


Clean-o-Clock is a Brain Buster where you must keep the room as clean as possible, meaning you have to throw away any and all Tools, the only zombies that are here are Lana Imps, they also don't make snakes, to get rid of the Tools, you must use Chard Guard to toss the Tools, Blover and Hurrikale to blow the tools away with Chard Guard, Squash to destroy any tools near him, and Pepper-pult, Primal Pea, Tall-nut, and Electric reed to fend off the Lana Imps, if you beat the level but without getting rid of the Tools, you get a game over.

Zombot Loud-napper 5000

Zombot Loud-napper 5000 is the final boss of this world, he is a White and Blue Bot with hooks holding the original Louds, his attacks are rushing into plants to kill them, spawning in all zombies from A Loud House to defeat you, and Rockets that create Tools for his zombies to use

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