Camo Bloon Zombie
Camo Bloon Zombie
Created by Gubump


10 nds.

Balloon Health:

1 nds.


While the Camo Bloon is still there, the Camo Bloon Zombie can only be attacked by a small selection of plants, as it is invisible to most plants.

Based on:

Camo Bloon(Bloons Tower Defense 4)

The Camo Bloon Zombie is just like a Balloon Zombie, except it can only be hit by certain plants that can see camo.


Absorbs 10 nds. The balloon absorbs 1 nds.

Almanac Entry

Toughness: Low

Speed: Fast

Special: Can only be targeted by camo detecting towers.

Weakness: Burn Glaive Lord Cactus

The Camo Bloon Zombie was even luckier than Balloon Zombie. He not only flies over all the plants, but he also cannot be attacked by most of them.

Cost in VS: Cannot be used

Cost in I, Zombie: 175

Cost in Zombie Mode: 200

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