Diolizard is a mutant lizard. It carries a healing collar around his "neck".


Mutant Lizard, Reptile, Bosss


Extremely Strong


Spits out plasma balls and barfs orange acid. The collar regenerates his health

Weak Spot:

The glowing green Orb on the top of his collar

Encountered in:

Parallel World 5: Dark Cave Day 11

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Diolizard is the third boss of Plants vs. Zombies Infinite: The Parallel UniverseHe is encountered in the 11th day of the fifth parallel world.

Almanac Anylizer

Name: Diolizard 

Scientific Name: Awesome Life Form Prototype

Caption: Diolizard is a mutant lizard. It carries a healing collar around his "neck".

Description: Yet again another parallel Crazy Dave has mutated another innocent being. Well to make it still alive for a long time he put a special collar that regenerates his health. To make this Crazy Dave's matters worse, the collar is the lizard's weak spot


Diolizard absorbs 960 damage shots. His orange barf is acidic and it can incinerate nearby plants. He can also spit out plasma balls whic can be stopped by feeding a plant some plant food or feeding mushrooms Fungi Snacks in the right timing.


Orange Acid - Barfs orange acid to 2x2 of your plants, incinerating them.

Plasma Spit -  Spits plasma out of his mouth damaging your plants

Crush - Crushes nearby plants

Run Over - Runs and squashes 2 rows of plants