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Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Sunflower's is a survival horror game based on Five Nights at Freddy's, with Plants vs. Zombies characters. During the time that you're on the shift, mushrooms have awoken and are protecting the outside from zombies, while the other plants are sleeping inside to be safe from zombie attacks.

Created by HfEvra.


Years before Dr. Zomboss's big attack, it was discovered that special seeds exist which can grow into special plants with abilities that can be used for defense. After a long time, zombies start threatening the innocent people, which makes the plants a good alternative. The protagonist is a guard at a building where the plants are part of the security.

But apparently these plants aren't that happy to be used...



Sunflower is the main character, as she's the one who produces the sun for the other friends to be able to fight. She takes the day shift while the mushrooms are sleeping, and wakes them once her shift is over. Sun-shroom takes her place afterwards.


Peashooter can shoot peas at the doors to make them weaker, causing the player to forcibly do something to conserve power.


Wall-nut waits at the doors for a very long time, but is also slow.

Potato Mine

Potato Mine is unarmed at the beginning of the shift. But over time passes, he leaves, and comes to the doors. He explodes once he gets to the door, getting rid of a lot of power, but he is very inactive.


  • The antagonists of the game appear to be the four main plants obtained in Player's House (in the second game).
  • According to what the guy on the phone says, the mushrooms replace the plants for the night.
    • In fact, some posters, pictures etc. of them can be seen in various rooms.
      • Currently, there is not a mode where you play against the mushrooms.

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