Garlek Seed is an upgrade for Garlek. Garlek Seed is based of Darlek Sec, a Dalek (to see what a Dalek is, refer to Garlek page for my best definition) from the Cult of Skaro in the TV series, Doctor Who.

/ Sun Cost: 225 for Garlek, +75 for Garlek Seed / Toughness: High (80 Bites) / Damage: Medium, then High / Recharge: Very Slow /

Plant Food Effect/Strategy

Same as Garlek.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Garlek Seeds do the same thing as Garleks, except when they die, they explode. CHA-BOOF!

Garlek Seed is a cheerful guy. He wouldn't hurt a cucumber. That's only because they're harmless. Zombies, on the other hand...

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