Slenderman is a game where the player must find some notes... but what will you do if this is from PVZ?

Slenderman Zombie

Slenderman Zombie is tough, bad zombie

Health: 160 normal damage

Speed: Slow

Special: Uses his Slenderman Powers

Almanac Entry:

"I want a hug! Why do you run away from me?I want a friend also!"


Scare - Scares all plants, dealing 1 damage too all plants

Who turned off the lights? - makes the area black, walks slightly faster

BZZT! - Makes a plant instantly kill Range 3 BY 5 squares


This could be difficult...FIND ALL THE NOTES! Each note does 20 normal damage shots.

Or.... instakill him. But each Instant kill on Slendy is 40 peas of damage.

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