Giga Sponge-Bob Zombiepants

The Giga Version

This Zombie is the Giga version of Sponge-Bob Zombiepants,Has more health and attacks

Info About Him:

Health: 50 nds

Damage: Very High

Special Ability: When loses 5 nds He will start to throw Zombie Patties in 3 lanes

                   When 10 nds He will throw his Sharp Stachula into the plants like a Boomerang

                  When loses 10 nds He will Blow bubbles onto the plants and the bubbles will trap them for 3                 seconds

                  When loses 10 nds He will summon 3 Fish Head Zombies in front of him

                   When loses 3 nds He will blow a Bubble Bomb into the plants losing 20 of their health


Almanac Entry:


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