Kirby Zombie
Created by MZ29

Based on:

Kirby (Kirby series)


Medium (17 shots)




Can swallow a plant whole, then becoming a Zombotany Zombie with the qualities of the swallowed plant.

The Kirby Zombie is a zombie with low health. It has the ability to transform into a Zombotany Zombie.
Inhaling Kirby Zombie

Inhaling Kirby Zombie

Better Kirby Zombie

Better Kirby Zombie by MLK


Absorbs 17 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 9 normal damage shots before dying upon 17. The zombie has the speed of a Pole Vaulting Zombie until it swallows a plant (unless the Zombotany Zombie has the same speed). When the Kirby Zombie approaches a plant, it will inhale the plant. Its head will then change to the plant it inhaled, thus gaining its speed, health and abilities.


  • The Kirby Zombie's ability is based on Kirby's copy ability.
    • However, Kirby only gains a hat in his games as opposed to having his head replaced.

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