Kryptonite Flower

This is what he looks like.

The Kryptonite Flower is a special plant that can shoot Kryptonite petals all over the screen, similar to Cattail. If a Super Zombie flies in the same lane as it, the Super Zombie will lose his flight power. Unlike Cattails, however, they cannot pop Balloon Zombie's Balloon and cannot attack behind them.

Almanac Entry

Kryptonite Flower can shoot around the screen and is Super Zombie's weakness.

Costs: 175 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Damage: Normal

Range: Any lane infront of it.

Special: Super Zombie's weakness.

He was created when Lex Luthor accidently dropped a Kryptonite shard in a bed of flowers.


  • He is based on Kryptonite, Superman's weakness.
  • He is IMCR8Z's first plant on the wiki.