Mediflower itself, and mediflower healing a Shroom-Pult

Mediflower itself, and Mediflower healing a Pult-Shroom

Mediflower is obtained by only planting only 1 row of Sunflowers (not to be confused with Sunflowers, the plant), only 1 row of wall-nuts, and 2 rows of Repeaters, with torchwoods infront, killing the Demoman with this setup.

Note: This plant functions the same way as the Heavenly Peach from the China Version of PVZ2,  but without the loud noise. 

Subaran Almanac Entry 

  • Health: 50 nbm. 
  • Sun Cost: 150 (150 cause Medic's HP IS 150 in TF2)
  • Does not produce sun, only heals plant.
  • Healing per second: 3 hp regained.

Mediflower wishes that she could produce sun, like all the other sunflowers. But she knew she was meant for healing, so she did it, still wanting to produce sun.

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