The Minion Zombie is a zombie driving a large tanker truck that appears in the mini-game "Twisted Petal" and a weaker version can sometimes appear in Survival: Endless after flag 30. Both times, it acts as a mini-boss that never targets your house.

Almanac Entry

The winner of last year's Twisted Petal contest.

Toughness: Undying

Speed: Creeper

Special: Supports other zombies with various weaponary

"You found me." the driver of Minion Zombie says "I don't know how but now you and I are linked..." He continues "...we are one...on a mission to find the man who took our life, our power. Together, we shall bring down Crazy Dave." He states, attempting to trick you into helping the zombies.


In the mini-game "Twisted Petal", it absorbs 1,000 Normal Damage Shots, and it changes appearence after 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 700 Normal Damage Shots before dying at 1,000 Normal Damage Shots.

In Survival: Endless, it absorbs 500 Normal Damage Shots. Appearence changes at 100, 200, and 300 Normal Damage Shots before dying at 500 Normal Damage Shots.


Minion Zombie has several attacks at his disposal. When he is not using any of his attacks, he has a shield around him that makes him invulnrable.

Fire Missile: He fires an orange missile that does 3 damage to the first plant it hits.

Power Missile: Fires a red missile that does 6 damage to the plant it hits.

Freeze Missile: Like a Fire Missile, but it does no damage and freezes the plant it hits.

Ricochet: Launches a bomb that bounces off 3 plants before exploding.

Flamethrower: Instantly kills any plants in the column in front of him. He only uses this attack if there is at least one plant in the column ahead of him.


  • He is based off Minion from the Twisted Metal series.
    • His look is based on Minion's appearence from the fifth game in the series, Twisted Metal: Black.
    • His almanac entry is based on his story from the info of his vehicle from Twisted Metal 2.
    • His attacks are based on weapons from said series.

Minion from Twisted Metal: Black, which this zombie is based on.