Ness Zombie is a zombie that has many attacks witgh high HP. His attacks have rarity.

Ness Zombie
Ness Zombie
Made by MLK



Based off:

Ness(EarthBound series)



Cost in I,Zombie:



  • PK Flash - Deals 3 damage, making the plant cry and sometimes feel strange and die.Sometimes the plant will not cry,unlike EB. Common
  • PK Fire - Deals 4 damage, with a 2x2 splash. Splash dmg is 1. Common
  • PK Thunder - Deals 4 damage, but can miss sometimes. Uncommon
  • PK Magnet - Absorbs all energy-based projectilles for 10 secs, healing him 1 HP.Uncommon
  • PK Starstorm - Starstorms fall from the sky, destroying 7 random plants. Very Rare


  • This is bassed of Ness from EarthBound series.
  • His attacks are the same that Ness has on SSBB.

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