Noob Zombie

Noob Zombie

 Noob Zombie, Created By Bluetoad103

About Noob Zombie

Noob Zombie Is SUPER Annoying, Deals A Certain Ammount Of Damage To Plants Everytime It Says Something

List Of Things Noob Zombie Says

T1x Pl0x, Deals 3 Damage

Cum 2 Mai Pla1c, Deals 4 Damage

H1, Deals 1 Damage

R0bux Pl0x!!!!!, Deals 10 Damage

Lel Cactuzes r dum, Deals 3 Damage To Cactuses

I R OWN ALL OF UR Impz!!!!, Deals 40 damage to gargantuars  (you gotta be lucky to get this one)

This Zombie Is Based Off Of Noobs From Roblox

If You Have A Better Picture For This, Comment It!

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