Name AI Sun Cost Where you get it Damage it does Crossover
Peashooter Shoots Peas 100 At the Beginning Each shot does 1 NDS
Sunflower Creates Sun 50 Tutorial-2
Wall-Nut Makes a Great Defence 50 Tutorial-3
Potato Mine Explodes when stepped on, but takes time to arm 25 Tutorial-4 20 NDS
LEMON Screams at Zombies 75 Filthy Frank Show-2 Each scream does 15 NDS Lemon Guy
Glass Grass Says "Cheers" And throws 10 Shot Glasses, then disappears 125 Filthy Frank Show-4 Each shot does 2.5 NDS Pink Guy
Reality Chard Shoots Reality Checks at zombies 50 Filthy Frank Show-5 (50% Chance) Each check does 4 NDS Filthy Frank
Mr. Magic Mush Shoots Memes at zombies 0 Filthy Frank Show-5 (50% Chance) Each meme does 4 NDS Mr. Magic Man
Mr. Mazi Genecarrot 2 Shoots Mozuku At Zombies 125 Filthy Frank Show-11 Each Mozuku Shot Does 2 NDS Mr. Negi Generation 2
Ramen Shooter Shoots Ramen Peas 125 Filthy Frank Show-17 Each shot does 1.5 NDS Top Ramen
Beet God Shoots Notes in Configuration with the song in the backround 325 Filthy Frank Show-26 Each shot does 5 NDS Bass God (or is it Base God)

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