Appears in

Five Nights at Sunflower's, PvZ World

Peashooter is one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Sunflower's. He is similiar to Foxy in a way, since both of them come from the left side and attack the door to drain strength. However, unlike Foxy, Peashooter is active from the start of Night 1, can be located on multiple cameras, and will not attack instantly after making it to the door. Because of this, he can be considered a mix of Foxy and Bonnie.



In the first game, Peashooter is identical to the Peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Locations & Behavior


Peashooter starts off in the Zen Garden, along with Sunflower and Wall-nut, and is always the first to leave. When he leaves, he will follow a set path from the Zen Garden to the player. The path is as follows:

Zen Garden → TBA → TBA → TBA → Player's Office.

Peashooter usually stays away from the shadows, and isn't hard to spot. He moves faster than Sunflower, however, he will get slower as the week progresses, and after Night 4 will have to wait until Sunflower has left to be able to leave.


A gallery of Peashooter can be found right here.

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