A game based on TF2 an Garden Warfare. (pls don't sue me)



Plant Role HP Primary Secondary Ability1 Ability2 Ability3
Dandelion Scout 125 Petal Burst Bullet Seed TBA
Banana Launcher Soldier 200 Banana Blaster TBA Banana Strike TBA Banana Splat
Fire Peashooter Pyro 175 Flare Beam Pea Cannon Hyper Pea Gatling Chili Bean Bomb
Potato Mine in a Flower Pot Demoman 175 Spud Grenade TBA Burrow Bomb Rush Mini Mines
Pea-Nut Heavy 300 Legume Gatling Seed Shotgun Armor Up TBA
Flower Pot Engineer 125 Potgun Soil Spray Plant Pot Thyme Warp Heal Flower
Sunflower Medic 100 Sun Pulse Sun Beam Heal Beam Solar Flare Sun Bomb
Coconut Sniper Sniper 125 Milk Shot Milk Spray Coconut Cannon Milk Storm TBA
Imitater Spy 125 TBA TBA Disguise Cloak Smoke Bomb







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