Plant World Unlocked Sun Cost Final Smash Ability Almanac Entry
PVZIAT Peashooter


Player's House, Day 1 100 Shoots 45 Peas Shoots Peas. How can a single plant grow and shoot so many peas so quickly? Peashooter says, "Hard work, commitment, and a healthy, well-balanced breakfast of sunlight and high-fiber carbon dioxide make it all possible."
PVZIAT Sunflower


Player's House, Day 2 50 Produces a Total of 150 Sun Produces 50 Sun. After the release of her first major Youtuber video "Zombies On Your Lawn," Sunflower's Youtuber channel has been bursting with fun. She is currently putting the final touches on her reality show TV pitch "Sunflower Thinks She Can Dance."
Wall-Nut PvZ2


Player's House, Day 3 50 Gains an Iron Shell Has High Health to Stall Zombies. Having retired from his days as a champion bowler in the Pro Leagues, Wall-nut is looking forward to a real challenge on the front lines of home defense. DEFENSE! DEFENSE!
PVZIAT Cherry Bomb1

Cherry Bomb

Player's House, Day 4 150 N/A Explodes in a 3x3 Radius. "I wanna explode," says Cherry #1. "No, let's detonate instead!" says his brother, Cherry #2. After intense consultation they agree to explodonate.
Sentry Shroom


2Fort, Day 1 150 Upgrades to Level 2 Rapidly shoots 0.2 nds bullets in a 5x5 radius. Spies always try to sap Sentry-Shroom. And every time, they failed.
PZIAT Potatomine

Potato Mine

2Fort, Day 6 25 Produces more Potato Mines Explodes on contact, but needs time to arm. Believe it or not, SPUDOW! did not happen overnight. Having been forced to try out new catchphrases and focus testing as many variations as possible (Tubular? Really?), Potato Mine weeded out the competition to stick with what he knows best.


2Fort, Day 14 50 Spawns more Sap-pers Disables a machine that steps on it, then disappears. This is a Placeholder Almanac Entry. A real Almanac Entry will be here once it is written.
Mischief Radish

Radish Rocket

2Fort, Day 19 425 Launches a giant radish nuke that lands on the ground and rockets through the lane, damaging all zombies in its path. Launches powerful missiles that bounce off zombies. Radish Rocket once had a dream of becoming a thin person, but when he found out that his large stomach can hold all sorts of weapons, he completely abandoned the unrealistic dream. Children also like to play with him, because they always thought his belly is full of candies. "Sometimes I have to hide in the soil," Radish Rocket reluctantly said, "I'm really afraid that I would hurt the children near me."
PvZIAT Repeater


2Fort, Day 24 200 Shoots 90 Peas, then 1 big pea Shoots 2 peas at a time. "War is my game when it comes to zombies" says repeater. "War is my game when it comes to zombies. Wait, did I just say that?"
1-up Mushroom

1-up Mushroom

Mushroom Kingdom, Day 1 100 N/A Brings back an eaten plant. "How do I revive eaten plants?" asks 1-up Mushroom. "In a word: spores. Spores and sorcery."


Mushroom Kingdom, Day 6 50 Scares zombies like a Ghost Pepper Haunts zombies behind it, then disappears. Booberry is pretty shy. She even waits until the person she wants to make friends with is behind her. BEHIND!
Fire Flower Scribble

Fire Flower

Mushroom Kingdom, Day 13 75 Produces a total of 150 sun and makes 5 random zombies spontaniously combust Produces 50 sun and makes the zombie that eats it spontaniously combust. TBA
Snow Pea PvZIAT

Snow Pea

Mushroom Kingdom, Day 19 175 Shoots 45 snow peas Shoots ice peas that slow zombies. Folks often tell Snow Pea how "cool" he is, or exhort him to "chill out." They tell him to "stay frosty." Snow Pea just rolls his eyes. He's heard 'em all.
Tanooki Leaf

Tanooki Leaf

Mushroom Kingdom, Day 24 100 N/A Gives the plant it is planted on a tail, allowing the plant to spin attack a zombie once. TBA
Berry Punch

Berry Punch

Mushroom Kingdom, Day 27 175 Shoots Ultra Juice, paralyzing and burning every zombie on it's lane Shoots juice. TBA
Oxygen Algae PvZO

Oxygen Algae

Urchin Underpass, Day 1 50 Increases to 5x5 Range Oxygen Algae allow plants in a 3x3 space around it to be planted underwater. (Doesn't Require Oxygen) Oxygen Algae is very lonely. Mostly because all of his friends drowned.


Urchin Underpass, Day 8 150 Shoots 45 Turf-war Peas Shoots turf war peas at zombies which makes them slip and defends when zombies are close. (Doesn't Require Oxygen) Is he a squid, or a plant? We don't know? But we do know one thing! He is related to a game.
Bramble Sea Grass

Bramble Sea Grass

Urchin Underpass, Day 17 25 Stuns all zombies on the screen Temporarily stun any zombie in its range. (Doesn't Require Oxygen) People say that Tangle Kelp copied him, but really, they're twins.


Urchin Underpass, Day 20 25 Spawns more Durichins Pricks zombies that pass it, poisoning them temporarily. (Doesn't Require Oxygen) Durichin has been called a crustacean for too long. They should know that he's a shellfish.


The Underground, Day 1 125 Surrounds the 5 strongest zombies with "Friendliness Pellets", doing the damage of an insta-kill. Shoots different kinds of "Friendliness Pellets" All of the zombies that try to stop Flowey really are idiots. However, some succeeded.
Winter Melon PvZO


The Underground, Day 10 125 N/A Rolls along paths, killing anything in it's way When the update came out, a lot of people thought Rollive was a Squash, until the official name was revealed.


The Underground, Day 15 100 Produces 10 Normal Suns and blows 10 zombies up. Produces 3 Normal Suns and 3 Sun Bombs

He's best friends with NOBODY.

He's just alone.


just alone.





The Underground, Day 22 200 Duplicates faster than normal and shots do 2x the damage Shoots harmless algae, but slowly duplicates Parslett, lett Parslett, lett.

Laser Bean

Space Invader IG Palace, Day 3 200 Shoots a powerful beam out of his mouth, demolishing lots of stuff Shoots Lasers that go through everything Laser Bean was created when a harmless little bean got struck by lightning. (User) um. (User) WHAT?


Space Invader IG Palace, Day 6 175 N/A Scoots through the lane, insta killing zombies I AM ERROR.

Phat Beet

Space Invader IG Palace, Day 12 100 Makes a big and powerful shockwave Makes Shockwaves that have a speed depending on the tempo of the music.

(Phat Beet) hmm..


Hey Phat Beet

(Phat Beet)




Oldschool pea

Oldschool Pea

Space Invader IG Palace, Day 16 150 Shoots 90 retro peas and 1 Homing retro shot that does massive damage Shoots retro peas that digitizes zombies



Sun Shroom


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Night 1 25 Fully grows and produces 225 sun Produces sun and grows occasionally Sun-Shroom was in a power outage once, but that didn't mean that she couldn't light up the whole room.
Puff Shroom


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Night 4 0 Shoots rapidly with any other puff-shrooms Shoots at a low range and disappears after a few seconds Puff-Shroom is the shortest plant in the entire world. They'll show them that the shortest plant can be powerful too.
Magnet Shroom


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Night 9 100 Attracts all metal objects on screen, and throws them in the current lane it's in Attracts metal objects Despite his unusual appearance, Magnet-shroom doesn't have a problem attracting girlfriends. But he does have a problem keeping them. It's the same thing every time. In the end, they always find him too clingy.
Springlock Pea

Springlock Peashooter

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Night 17 150 Shoots Springlock Peas in 5 lanes, all springlocking zombies. Shoots springlock peas that can springlock zombies, dealing triple zombies. It's me.
Gloom Shroom


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Night 24 225 Produces spores in a 5x5 area that last for a long time. Produces spores in a 3x3 area that stay for 15 seconds. "I've always enjoyed releasing heavy fumes," says Gloom Shroom. "I know a lot of people aren't cool with that. They say it's rude or that it smells bad. All I can say is, would you rather have your brain eaten by zombies?"


Name Special Starts At Speed HP


None Player's House, Day 1 Normal Normal
Conehead Zombie

Conehead Zombie

Has Higher Health Player's House, Day 3 Normal Protected
Buckethead Zombie

Buckethead Zombie

Has Very High Health, even more than a Conehead Player's House, Day 4 Normal High