• Be friendly and don't be rude.
  • Please create an account to recognize your work accordingly, and to see if you do good things rather than spamming.
  • Please put picture if possible. Drawings works too, or just request other people that know how to edit photos to make your photo.
  • If you are creating an area add the name of the place a zombie can eat your brains if you lose.
  • Ask permission before creating a new version of a user's existing plant, zombie, area, etc.
  • Make sure your ideas make sense and the characters and items are copyrighted.
  • Please speak English at all times. We can communicate easily if we would.
  • No swearing.
  • Don't plagiarize. Don't grab a pic/creation and claim it as yours. Always cite where you got it.
  • Don't troll and/or flame.
  • Don't spam and/or vandalize.
  • Always follow Wikia's Terms of Use.
  • UO creations are allowed on this wiki as long as It's 50% Original.

Message Wall/Talk Page Rules

  • On talk pages, always leave a link to your userpage to show who wrote the message.
  • No spamming or vandalism on talk pages or message walls.
  • Only remove spam messages.
  • Do not butt into dead conversations.
  • No harassment.
  • Do not remove warnings or blocking templates on your talk page. Violation will result in an immediate one month block.


  • Don't swear.
  • Mild swear words (apart from Damn, Crap, and Hell) are not allowed either.
  • Don't use lewd/inaproppiate language. This is a child-friendly wiki.
  • Don't door spam. Door spamming is the act of entering and leaving chat repeatedly. This can cause lag for some users.
  • Don't backseat mod. Backseat modding is the act of telling chat moderators what to do. This can be considered rude.
  • Don't disrespect or backtalk to chat moderators - they are only doing their job.
  • Don't talk about sensitive/controversial subjects. These can include:
    • Religion
    • Politics
    • Controversial subjects in the news
    • Suicide, homicide and death
    • Drugs
  • If you believe that your punishment is unfair, appeal on a member of staff's message wall.
  • Private messages cannot be seen by other users in the chat, and aren't recorded on chatlogs, so you may ignore the rule when private messaging, as long as the other users involved in the private message are fine with it.

Violation punishments=

  • Written Warning - spam, rude, doorspamming etc.;
  • Kick - swearing, super spam, inapproprite language and links;
  • Short Ban [1 minute - 1 day incl.] - Repeated cases of warnings, minimum 1 kick should be issued; malware/inappropriate links cause this immediately;
  • Long term ban [3 days - 1 year] - Repeated short bans (minimum 1 short), heavy distribution of malware or inappropriate links (especially by unknown, never-seen before users) might cause this immediately;
  • Permanent Ban [infinite] - issued in cases of severe ban evading - sockpuppets of users who have been blocked/banned for severe violations.

Important notes:

  • Ban times depend on the severity of rule violation, but usually start with lowest ones, increasing in time in case of repeated violations.
  • Penalty for unintended doorspamming is always 1 minute ban, this also doesn't affect chat ban history for going to candidate for staff rights



  • Don't hate/harass/discriminate users who are fans of things you don't like.
  • Don't annoy/pester/force people into joining your fanbase.

Staff Policy

  • Never abuse power. Don't block/ban users for a reason that does not violate the rules. (e.g. Blocking users because you don't like him/her)
  • Always do your responsibilities.
  • Be a good example to the users.

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