The Plants and Zombies battle...for Zootopia!!!

The Zombies have taken over Zootopia! Only you,Judy and Nick, and Crazy Dave can take back the City from the Undead Horde and Stop Dr.Zomboss for Good. Fight though Tundra Town, Rainforest District, and more!

Returning plants




Cherry Bomb

Potato mine


Bonk Choy


Fume Shroom

Puff Shroom

Sun Shroom

Chilly Bean

Grape Shot

Coconut Cannon


Chard Guard


Red Stinger

Snow Pea


Fire Pea

Returning zombies

Basic Zombie



Flag Zombie



Samba Zombie

Backup Samba

Football Zombie

Balloon Zombie

Newspaper Zombie

Ladder Zombie


New Plants

Boom Shroom- when eaten explodes

Carrot Pult-shoots homing carrots

Cherry Launcher-lanches explosive cherries every minute

Reheater-shoots 2 fire peas

Nap Dragon-Poisions zombies 3X2 ahead

New Zombie

Police Zombie-Stuns plants with pepper spay

Tiger Rider Zombie-Same as Bull Rider

Tiger Zombie-Weaker than bull zombie

Bunny Hoarder Zombie-Releases Bunnies when defeated

Bunny Zombie-Hops and Nibbles on your defence

Adventural Zombie-Drags your plants to him

Yeti Zombie-Throws snow balls


Ram-Simular to Football zombie from pvz2

Weasle-Steals sun

Dawn Bellweather- follows and helps Zomboss wherever he goes.


Judy and nick's house-Levels:1-4

Savanna Square-Levels:1-30 Gimick: Sandstorms

Tundra Town-Levels:1-30 Gimick: Wind freezes your plants

Jungle District-Levels:1-32 Gimicks: Much like pirate seas

Bunnyborrow-Levels: 1-22 Gimick: Gravestones summon zombies

City Central-Levels:1-32 Gimick: Gravestones and goo that can't be planted on


Judy gets bored and decides to plant a garden. She, for strange reason, finds seed packets and goes to the front lawn and begins to plant. She see Nick who tells her that an outbreak has occurred and the undead followed him. Planting a peashooter seed packet, They find out that the plants can fight the undead. At the end of day 4, A big horde of zombies rush to the lawn in attempt to eat Nick and Judy's brain. They, fortunaly, are rescued by Crazy Dave. The Trio Go to Savanna Square to fight zombies. On Day 15, Bellweather organizes an attack on the lawn. When you complete Day 15, Bellweather gets angry and says that she is going to inform her "new boss". On Day 30, Zomboss tells the trio that Crazy Dave's taco has meat, Causing Judy and Nick to have Suspicions on Crazy Dave. When you beat the level, Crazy Dave reveals that the Taco had beans, not beans. Next the trio heads down to Rainforest District. On Day 15, Bellweather tells the trio that Zomboss Bust her out of prison. When the level is completed, Bellweather says that she needs a vacation for 6 mouths, twice. TO BE CONTINUE

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