Plants vs Zombies Kart: 10 is a crossover of Mario Kart and PvZ it has canon and fanon plants!


Name Course Number Unlockable Plants
Tutorial N/A N/A
Daytime Days [Part 1] 1 Peashooter, Sunflower, Cherry Bomb, Wall-Nut
Daytime Days [Part 2] 2 Potato Mine, Snow Pea, Chomper, Repeater
Nocturnal Nights [Part 1] 3 Puff-Shroom, Sun-Shroom, Fume-Shroom, Grave Buster
Nocturnal Nights [Part 2] 4 Hypno-Shroom, Scaredy-Shroom, Ice-Shroom, Doom-Shroom
Pool Problems [Part 1] 5 Lily Pad, Squash, Threepeater, Tangle Kelp
Pool Problems [Part 2] 6 Jalapeno, Spikeweed, Torchwood, Tall-Nut
Fog Future [Part 1] 7 Sea-Shroom, Plantern, Cactus, Blover
Fog Future [Part 2] 8 Starfruit, Split Pea, Pumpkin, Magnet-Shroom
Roof Riot [Part 1] 9 Cabbage-Pult, Flower Pot, Kernel-Pult, Coffee Bean
Roof Riot [Part 2] 10 Garlic, Umbrella Leaf, Marigold, Melon-Pult
Upgrade Arena [Part 1] 11 Twin Sunflower, Gatling Pea, Gloom-Shroom, Cattail
Upgrade Arena [Part 2] 12 Spikerock, Gold Magnet, Cob Cannon, Winter Melon
Mushroom Kingdom 13 Mario Flower, Lui-Nut, Princess Peach, Toad Thyme
Lily Arena 14 N/A
Mall Mayhem 15 N/A
Rainbow Road 16 N/A
Castle of Doom 17 N/A
Blossom Street 18 N/A
Crazy Corner 19 N/A
Heat Park 20 N/A
Icicle Valley 21 N/A
Bell Lane 22 N/A
House of Horror 23 N/A
Amazing Valley 24 Lily, Petunia, Rose
Tart Valley 25 N/A
Caves of Caves 26 Snapdragon
Pond Lake 27 Rotobaga
Tail Clock 28 Dogtail

DLC Courses

Course In What Cup?
Ancient Greece Latina Cup
Senator Road Latina Cup
Ancient Empire Latina Cup
Latin Way Latina Cup
Rainbow Gorge Color Cup
Rainbow Tower Color Cup
Royal Tower Color Cup
Sky Road Color Cup
Ball Basement Sports Cup
Goal Road Sports Cup
Locker Room Sports Cup
Street of Losers Sports Cup

Course Layouts

=== Plants ===

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