The Porygon Z-ombie is a zombified porygon-z, It's a very strong zombie that when appears, should be fighted with strong plants.



Health: 85

speed: fast as pogo zombie

special: Every 5 seconds, it will launch a tri-attack that will deal 80 damage to every plant in a 3x3 area, if a plant survive it, it will receive burn, paralyze or freeze, Burn: Makes plants lose 5 health per second and deal 1/2 damage, Paralyze: Stuns a plant for 5 seconds, Freeze: Stuns a plant for 6 second.

Weakness: Tall-nut, it will only take 5 damage, and no AOE damage or status will happen.

Almanac Entry

Porygon Z-ombie

It launches powerful attacks at your plants

Toughness: Very High

Damage: Very, Very high

Porygon Z-ombie was just a regular porygon-z, when dr.zomboss asked for it if want to join to the zombies, and dr. zomboss gived to it $100 000, and now porygon Z-ombie enjoys eating brains.


  • This zombie is based on the pokemon #474 Porygon-z