Plants vs. Zombies Generations


Windows, iOS

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Based on

Sonic Generations

Plants vs. Zombies Generations is a fanmade Plants vs. Zombies game by HfEvra, based on Sonic Generations.


While looking for alternative ways to get the plants out of his way, Dr. Zomboss decides to prevent the plants from spawning in the first place. To do this, he travels to the past, only to find the younger version of himself and causing a time paradox.

Will the Plants team manage to stop this disaster and turn everything back to normal?


Playable Characters

Plant Image Description Voiced by
Peashooter (GW)
A young pea determined to stop the zombies at any cost. The team relies on him for his strategic thinking and wide range. After Zomboss creates a time paradox, Peashooter and his friends work with their past forms to prevent more damage from happening. TBA
Sunflower (GW)
A friendly flower who always stays by her friends when they need it. She is able to use the power of the sun to her will. After Zomboss creates a time paradox, Sunflower and her friends work with their past forms to prevent more damage from happening. TBA
Cactus (GW)
Cactus is an effective fighter with her sharp eyes and sharp projectiles. She is able to take out even the most challenging with ease. TBA
Chomper (GW)
Chomper is reliable on when it comes to attacking close range. He is able to instantly destroy almost anything in range with a single bite. TBA
  • Classic Peashooter
    • Flaming Pea
  • Modern Peashooter
    • Fire Pea
  • Classic Sunflower
  • Modern Sunflower
  • Cactus
  • Chomper


  • Sunflower variants
    • Sunflower Queen
    • Royal Hypno-flower
  • Peashooter variants
    • Green Shadow
    • Ice Pea
    • Rock Pea
  • Bonk Choy variants
    • Grass Knuckles
  • Wall-nut variants
    • Wall-Knight
    • Iron Maiden



  • Kernel Corn
  • Citron
  • Rose


  • Super Brainz
  • Immorticia
  • Dr. Zomboss (final boss)

Differences from Sonic Generations

  • Dr. Zomboss doesn't get help from his past counterpart. Instead, he uses his failed Zombots and puts them into one.
  • It isn't the main character's birthday.
    • It's nobody's birthday in general.


  • This is the first PvZ game created by HfEvra that is not based on the FNaF series, and the third one in general.
  • The plot is somehow based on Modern Day.

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