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Plants vs. Zombies World is a Plants vs. Zombies spin-off game, based on the Indie RPG game FNaF World. The game is also similiar to FNaF World, except with plants (instead of animatronics) as the playable characters. The game itself is consist of 2D and 3D graphics, but that is going to be changed.


More info coming soon...


You start off with the four main plants of the PvZ:GW series: Peashooter, Sunflower, Chomper and Cactus. At the beginning of the game, Crazy Dave and Penny tell the player that the zombies have returned, and that the other plants left to fight but got lost. You have to defeat the zombies that get in your way and get back your plant friends to help you in battle. Like the original FNaF World, you can have two teams of four, and you can switch whenever you need it.

In this game, Marigold acts the same as Lolbit, since both of them are shopkeepers. She can appear in different locations, and sell different things.


Main Characters

  • Sunflower (healer and leader)
  • Peashooter (main attacker)
  • Chomper
  • Cactus

Other Playable Characters

  • Kernel Corn
  • Rose
  • Citron

Character Variants

Fire Variants

  • Fire Flower (beginner character)
  • Fire Pea (beginner character)
  • Fire Chomper (beginner)
  • Fire Cactus (beginner)
  • BBQ Corn
  • Fire Rose

Ice Variants

  • Ice Pea
  • Yeti Chomper
  • Ice Cactus
  • Frozen Citron
  • Frost Rose

Toxic Variants

  • Alien Flower
  • Toxic Pea
  • Toxic Chomper
  • Toxic Citron
  • Druid Rose

Electric Variants

  • Power Flower
  • Electro Pea
  • Power Chomper
  • Power Cactus
  • Electro Citron

Armored Variants

  • Metal Petal
  • Rock Pea
  • Armor Chomper
  • Jade Cactus
  • Iron Citron

Shadow Variants

  • Shadow Flower
  • Plasma Pea
  • Hot Rod Chomper
  • Future Cactus

NPCs (Non Playable Characters)

  • Marigold
  • Imitater
  • Cattail

Non-Playable Challengers

  • Big Stump
  • Giga Torchwood
  • Sunflower Queen

Event Exclusive Plants

Children's Day (June 1 to June 10)

  • Stuffy Flower
  • Unicorn Chomper

Halloween (October 19 to October 31)

  • Vampire Flower
  • Count Chompula

Environment Day (June 5 to June 12)

  • Camo Cactus
  • Chomp Thing

Legendary 80's (March 30 to April 6)

  • Party Citron
  • Party Rose
  • Party Corn
  • Disco Chomper


  • Sapphire Rose
  • Shadow Rose

NOTE: Limited-time plants can still be used after the time runs out (if the player has unlocked them). The plants in the "Others" section cannot be unlocked in normal ways nor the ways that limited-time plants are unlocked. In fact, they aren't supposed to be playable, but I liked them so I indirectly kept them.

Differences from FNaF World

  • Not all challengers become your party members after defeat.
    • Those types of challengers can be encountered more than once.
  • Challengers can be encountered in Fixed Party mode, but they will not join your party.
  • Some characters have to be defeated multiple times to make them join your party.
  • Tokens are replaced with sun. (DUH)


A gallery of PvZ World can be found right here.


  • The game mostly uses Garden Warfare plants.
  • Chomper is the only main character who has limited variants from all categories.

More info coming soon...

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