Senpai-Zombie is a normal zombie dressed as a japanese high-school senior, and he is stalked by a plant named Yandere-Flower, the existence of the zombie enough could make the flower insane.

Almanac Entry:


High-school senior student

Toughness: Low ( Medium If seen by Yandere-Flower and other plants )

Special: This zombie could make plants fall in love with him, making Yandere Flower murder the said plants in love with him.

Entry: This high school student is achieving to be a scholar in Japan, too bad he has to go eat brains instead of studying hard.


The zombie could be a threat if Yandere-Flower is on the lawn fighting with the other plants. The zombie will target four random plants on the lawn, which makes them instantly falling in love. Which causes Yandere-Flower to fight against her own kind by killing the four of them, also making the plant prone to being eaten.

You must kill the zombie immediately with instant kill type of plants, or just let the plants attack him.


  • Senpai-Zombie is based on Senpai from Yandere Simulator

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