Slender zombie is a zombie that behaves just like slenderman and he has very bizarre behavior

Slender zombie

A rare image of a slender zombie


  • Camera static- When he first enters the level the screen will start going static and messing up too this scares any plants within a 6x6 radius scared plants will not attack
  • Black bomb- Black smoke will surround slender zombie and any other zombies within a 3x3 radius this will poison plants that get near it
  • Dark light- Darkens the field (gets darker as he gets closer to the house)
  • Slender death- when he gets to the house the usual noooooo scream is heard but instead of a chewing noise slenders camera static noise is heard along with the screaming the screen will also go static and slenders face pops up on the screen as well


  • Health- 50000 usual hit points
  • Speed- Hungry
  • Type- Boss zombie
  • Weakness- Mushrooms
  • Reward- $35000
  • Appears- Mostly at nighttime appears randomly at night