Sponge-Bob Zombiepants

*LAUGHS* The Zombie Sponge!

This Zombie is Sponge-Bob Zombiepants that will throw Zombie-Patties and uses it's

Laughing Sound to immobilizes the plants for 4 sec and other.

Info about him:

Health: absorbs 20 nds

Damage: High

Special Ability: Throws Zombie Patties that deal 3 bites at the plants when loses 5 nds

                   Plays a laughing sound that  will  immobilizes/annoys the plants when loses 8 nds

                   Releases Jelly Fishes Zombies after it dies


Disadvantage: Potato mines, Spikeweeds, Wall-Nut , 3 Cherry Bombs , Doom-Shrrom

Rare Stuff About Him:

This Zombie will rarely spawn in Pool/Aquatic Levels at Day Time

Drops $50,000 when killed

Jelly Fishes Zombies can electric shock the plants which cause 1 nds of damage

Zombie Patties are Poisoned Patties that only deal 3 nds of damage

When killed, 60% chance of dropping a aquatic plant

He can also be a Mini boss


Almanac Entry:

Who lives in the graveyard under the sea?

Spongebob Zombiepants!