Spy zombie takes the form of another zombie.


Health:25nds. After 15nds, his disguise will pop off. He will lose his arm at 20nds, before dying at 25nds

Speed: Depends on disguise. Undisguised is hungry.


He will come in disguised as another zombie. He will not eat any plants, so if you see a zombie simply walking past a plant, he is actually a spy. Also, he will not have the ability of the zombie he has disguised into. So, if a Zomboni leaves a trail of ice that can still be planted on, he is a spy.


Spy Zombie is from the RED spy in TF2.

Since he disguises as any zombie, I put him in all categories.


"I had always been behind you..." Spy zombie's spine chilling voice echoed in the house, and the homeowner knew that it was too late to pick up a weapon.