The Street Fighter Zombie attacks by using a Haudoken on your plants. Each Haudoken is equilivent to 1 pea fired by a Peashooter Zombie.

This is what he looks like.


Absorbs 16 Normal Damage Shots. Loses his headband at 6 Normal Damage Shots and loses his arm at 13 Normal Damage Shots before dying at 16 Normal Damage Shots.

Almanac Entry

Street Fighter Zombie attacks your plants from a distance.

Toughness: Solid

Speed: Speedy (same speed as a Pole Vaulting Zombie with his pole)

Special: Fires Haudokens

Haudoken Damage: Normal

Street Fighter Zombie quickly became famous after discovering his ability to shoot giant blue fireballs from his hands. "I have NO idea how I did it", he says.


  • He is based on Ryu from the Street Fighter series.