Sun God Zombie
Sun God Zombie
Created by Gubump

Based on:

Sun God(Bloons Tower Defense).


15000 nds.






Shoots a fast-firing Sun God beam out of its eyes, destroying almost all plants it hits.




1 ndb(per shot with beam, Enormonut)/20 smashes(per shot with beam, anything other than Enormonut)/1 ndb(Eating)

Firing Speed:

1000x, constant.

Sun God Zombie shoots a constant Sun God Beam, demolishing nearly every plant in his way. He appears in the mini-game Apopalypse.


Absorbs 15000 nds. Loses Yellow Helmet at 14000, Loses Yellow Eyes and ability to shoot Sun God Beams at 14990.

Almanac Entry

Toughness: Intense

Speed: Fast

Special: Shoots an omnipotent sun-beam to destroy everything in his path.

Weakness: Enormonut

Firing Speed: 1000x, constant

Legends speak of a Zombie that fears no plant. Legends also say that homeowners that touch the sun will be cleansed from this earth, and then there will be brains.

Cost in VS: cannot be used

Cost in I, Zombie: cannot be used

Cost in Zombie Mode: cannot be used

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