Appears in

Five Nights at Sunflower's, PvZ World

Sunflower is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Sunflower's. She acts similiarly to Freddy Fazbear, except she's active from the first night, and leaves after a while when she reaches the door (unlike Freddy, who never leaves the door once he gets there).



In the first game, Sunflower is identical to the Sunflower from Plants vs. Zombies 2.


In the second game, Withered Sunflower has some torn leaves. The color of some of her petals' is faded, and one of her eyes is red.

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Locations & Behavior


Sunflower starts off in the Zen Garden, along with Peashooter and Wall-nut. She can't leave unless Peashooter has left. When she leaves, she will follow a set path from the Zen Garden to the player. The path is as follows:

Zen Garden → TBA → TBA → Player's Office.

Sunflower hides well in the rooms that she appears in, and produces sun before leaving that room. These suns glow bright on the cameras and stay for a while, so the player can use them to tell whether she left or not.

Once there is no power left, Sunflower will come and start playing "Zombies On Your Lawn". Once the song ends, Sunflower might attack at any time between now and 6 AM.


Withered Sunflower starts moving on Night 3, and is really inactive compared to the first game. She hides herself so that the camera can't see her very well. Also, she doesn't leave a sun trail behind, unlike the first game.


A gallery of Sunflower can be found right here.

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