Super Zombie is a zombie that's similar to Balloon Zombie, but Cacti and Cattails only damage him, and Blovers do nothing to him. If a Kryptonite Flower is in the same lane as him, he will lose his flight power.

This is what he looks like.


Absorbs 20 Normal Damage Shots. Appearence changes at 18 Normal Damage Shots before dying at 20 Normal Damage Shots.

Almanac Entry

Super Zombie can fly over your plants.

 Toughness: Protected

 Speed: Flighty, then then Hungry (after losing flight)

 Special: Flight

 Weakness: Kryptonite Flower

Faster than a speeding Zombie Chicken. More powerful than a Gargantuar. Able to leap over Tall-nuts in a single bound. It's SUPER ZOMBIE!


  • He is a parody of Superman.
  • Even though his Almanac Entry says he can leap over Tall-nuts in a single bound, he does not do so ingame.
  • His Almanac Entry is a reference to Captain Underpants.