Superior Sunflower
Vital statistics
Title Doctor of Science
Gender Female, Male mind controlling body
Race Sunflower/Zombie
Faction Plants
Health (With Armor) More extreme than you can imagine.
Level I'll think about this
Status Living
Location P.A.T.I(Plant Advanced Technology Institution)
(Based off of Superior Spider-Man)

After discovering Dr. Zomboss's weakness(cheese), a Sunflower used it to start the Zombie's slow, painful, path to complete disintegration. After realizing this, Zomboss used a device he made when he was still human to transfer his mind into that of the Sunflower. Realizing now that he had led the zombies only because he was one of them, Dr. Zomboss decided that the Zombies must pay for what they did to him(See Zomboss: Dark Origins on the fan fiction wiki). So, using his technology, he made himself a better Sunflower. A more powerful Sunflower. A Superior Sunflower.

(Note): This page is a W.I.P

Superior Sunflower

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