Plants vs Fortress 2

Even though Engineer and Medic are there, it doesn't they'll be in it.

Survival: Pool (TF2) has 20 waves. It is a pool level with some hardness. This has most of the Survival: Endless zombies, and the 9  Team Fortress 2 Classes.

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Returning and New

Zombies from Level 1-1 - 4-1

TF2 Classes:

Scout -   20 HP

Damage: Low (Attack rate is 70%)

Speed: Fast

Soldier: 50 HP

Damage: Medium (attack rate: 50% and explosions)

Speed: Slow

Pyro: - 30 HP

Damage: Very Low (attack rate: 95%)

Speed: Medium

Demoman: - 100 HP (spawns alone every 5 waves)

Damage: High (Attack rate: 10% and explosions)

Heavy: 90 HP 

Damage: Very Low (attack rate 100%)

Speed: Very Slow

Engineer and medic are banned because Medic can heal and Engineer can build non-stop firing sentries, which will wipe the heck outta you.

Sniper - 10 HP (defense: 90% from all sources except insta-kill plants and Snap Dragon, Laser Bean, and Bloomerang)

Spy: - 20 HP

Damage: Very High (only from behind, attack rate 10%)

Speed: Fast

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Game in: PvZ2

Plants returning from PvZ1:



Coffee Bean



Umbrella Leaf 

Cob Cannon

Gold Magnet (you get tons of coins from demoman)