HEY DUDES! EVER HEARD OF TASER BEAN, LIKE A LASER BEAN BUT NOT. Here is a quick stubby page about the Taser Bean

Unlocked: PvZ2: Electronic Labratories (Area I made)

Unlocked: PvZ: Lunch Time: Metal Crack


  • Taser Bean is a crossover between bean Tasers and Laser Bean
  • Taser Bean looks like a laser Bean with blue armor and a taser is featured on the armor


You can plant Taser Bean anywhere you want, but I like to plant him in the front, so he can taze zombies, leaving 10 seconds of zombie off your hands


I haven't started the gallery, because last time I tried, nothing showed up, so I started again, and it wouldn't exit me out, so I had to reload it and delete all my progress


Rules Below.

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