Tetrishooter Shooting

Tetrishooter can slow down zombies and shot them with brick.


Sun Cost:250


Special:Can slow down zombies and shot them with brick

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost:250

"Do you know TETRIS?"Asks the Catapult Zombie.Catapult Zombie says "Yes!" to zombie.etc.However Catapult Zombie accidentally throws the L-tetrimono while they experimenting,First,putted the first plant to be combined.Then the L-tetrimono shoot at the Cooking Pot,then it'll be happened.Coincidentally become Tetrishooter!"


  • The Almanac Entry Was A Short Story,Hasn't it?
  • The user who created this was planning in Tetris Plant.Then,It'll be Denied at all.
  • This is the First Plant that has Tetrimono.

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