The Night Shift at MC Zom-B's is a game made by Nat García, it is based off of FNaF.


  • Monitor: It is used to check the cameras, there are 7 cameras.
  • Doors: they are used to defend yourself, there are 2 doors.
  • Generator: The most important mechanic, it is used for the monitor power and it can be used in the monitor.


  • MC Zom-B: He will attack you from the right door, he doesn't move really quick and he haves a set path. You can hear creepy laughs of him as he moves.
  • Breakdancer Zombie: He will attack you from the left door, he is much faster than MC Zom-B but he doesn't have a set path.

Phone Calls

Night 1: (rings the phone two times, then picks it up) 'Hello, um, hello hello! This is your first night to work at Rap Donuteria, are you seeing these doors? They can protect yourself from the animatronics, you have a monitor with limited power you can turn the generator to recharge it, see you later!'

Night 2: (phone rings, then picks it up) 'Hello here again! It seems that you worked good in the previous nights, such, did you know that Master of Ceremonies Zom-B seems to be quite deadly? Just I know that you need to close him quickly because you have less time, bye, bye!'

Night 3 (last phone call): (phone rings, then picks it up) Okay, Ok, err, i'm quite freaked out this time, because i think that someone is about to aproach my room... (MC Zom-B kills phone guy)

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