• Ok, is everyone here?
  • Yep
  • YAA!
  • Wait... Where's Oxygen Algae?
  • Oh he went to get the beverages.
  • Did someone say beverages!?
  • Ok, all we need to wait for now is snow pea.
  • ...
  • Peashooter: Man... this place is old...
  • Wall-Nut: I can't see my legs!
  • Oxygen Algae: You never had legs, wall-nut...
  • Potato Mine: Must be the wires. I'll go fix it.
  • Ok, the light's ba- *Sees Snow Pea on the Ground*
  • Oh my- ...
  • *Touches Snow Pea* He's... DEAD!
  • Does anyone else want tacos?
  • Oh look, a note!
  • "Every day may seem good. However, no one expects a _ _ _ _ _..."
  • Do you know what this means?
  • It means somebody planned this...
  • Well, whoever it is, we have to find him before he strikes back. If, of course, he ever strikes back...

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