The Garlek Clan

As some of you have seen, I've been working on a series of pages referring to Garlek.

A Garlek is based off the plant Garlic, and a mortal enemy of the Time Lords (and these races fought each other in THE GREAT TIME WAR), an alien from a phemonal British Television show that's been running for over half a century, Doctor Who, the Dalek.

The Daleks have a cult. It is called the Cult of Skaro, since Skaro is it's the Daleks home plant. The Cult of Skaro has four named Daleks: Dalek Sec, Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan and Dalek Jast. The Garlek names I could think of were: Garlek Seed, Garlek Thyme, Garlek Can and Garlek Jar.

Since Garlics will divert a zombie into another lane (and they taste awesome as garlic bread from Domino's pizza store), I thought that Garleks should do the same when bitten. But, because they're part-Dalek, they had to have lasers. They also had to say something similar to "EXTERMINATE!!" because that's one of the other things Daleks do best. So I came up with that they will shoot lasers when they aren't getting eaten and say "EGGSTERMINATE!!" to help the player pass time. Except not literally. But Daleks can time warp...

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