WABAC zombie is a time machine zombie that is based on Mr.Peabody and Sherman.If Peabody Zombie meets this zombie,it will control the WABAC and teleporting 3/5 plants.After that,it will act as a regular mummy zombie.

WABAC zombie






After 5 plants teleported,it will spawn 3/5 Mummy Zombies

Almanac entry

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Very Creeper

WABAC zombie spawns 3/5 mummy zombies when teleported 5 plants.

Dr.Zomboss once stole the WABAC.Then he gives it to Mummy Zombie.THe Mummy Zombie pushes it to crush the plants.


  • It is my second Pvz2 stuff created here,the other being Uno-shooter.

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