Yandere-Flower is a plant crossed between a sunflower and a yandere girl. This insane sunflower could inflict high damage, however if there is a Senpai-Zombie in the lawn, the plant would stop attacking and would be falling in mad love for the zombie, and targets four plants in love with the Senpai-Zombie and kills them with a bloodied knife, this also causes Yandere-Flower now being prone to be eaten by zombies.

Plant Food Upgrade

Yandere-Flower will spawn knives in every lane and throws them, the knife could hit up to five zombies. After that Yandere-Flower's knife turns bloody red, dealing double the damage for the rest of the level.

Almanac Entry:


Sun Cost: 275

Recharge: Slow

Toughness: High

Special: Yandere-Flower attacks by swinging a knife at zombies, causing them to jump back with each hit.


This plant is very useful when fighting in tough levels. Just make sure you put it up in front of the lawn with a pumpkin, or with a wall-nut. But be careful when a Senpai-Zombie is around, that is when your plant is vulnerable to being eaten and the zombie randomly chooses four plants on the lawn and makes them fall in love with him instantly which causes Yandere-Flower to fight against her own kind by killing the four of them.




  • This plant is based on the protagonist, Ayano Aishi, from Yandere Simulator.
  • This plant is not able to kill a garguantar either.

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