Yellow Balloon Zombie
Created by MZ29

Based on:

Yellow Bloon (Bloons Tower Defense)


Medium (22 shots)


Very Fast (Yellow), Fast (Green), Medium (Blue), Slow (Red)


Balloon takes several hits to pop



The Yellow Balloon Zombie is a flying zombie with medium health.


Absorbs 22 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 13 normal damage shots before dying upon 22. At first, the Yellow Balloon Zombie is very fast, the speed of a Dolphin Rider Zombie. When the yellow balloon is popped, it turns into a green balloon, lowering its speed to that of a Pole Vaulter Zombie. When that balloon is popped, it turns into a blue balloon. The zombie's speed is that of a Flag Zombie now. After that balloon is popped, the last balloon is revealed, a red one. The speed of the zombie is normal now. After the red balloon is popped, it takes 18 more shots to kill.


  • This is based off of the Yellow Bloon from Bloons Tower Defense.

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